For the last 27 years I have engaged in opening 12 restaurants, owned and operated a personal gym and became a top manager at the country's largest nutritional supplement company. My brand “Joe Loves Lobster Rolls” is known around the world. Like my other restaurants and my professional training studio, they were all opened for $12,000 or much less.
I have always been able to envision my businesses with precise accuracy. Starting with existing units that became defunct was the easiest and most inexpensive way to get started. Through the art of negotiating and the ability to find what is needed to get too started at the most reasonable prices, I have been able create successful enterprises.
My experience as a health and wellness coach goes way back too. From body building as teenager, running nutritional stores, owning my own gym and extensive research into the balance of mind and body. I can put together a formula at budget friendly cost tailored just for you.

The two combined, wellness and business, is my life's purpose. Teaching it to you is my ultimate gratification.

Whether just starting out or already ready established. I am positive I will help you create the balance you are looking for to succeed at home.
Give Kick Your Ass Coach a call for a free consultation today. And see how we can make a difference in your life.